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Welcome to Accountants Who Lead.  We are pleased you have stopped by.  Perhaps you are an accounting professional who has recognised how much better you can deliver your technical excellence if you take the time to enhance your soft skills.  That fundamental ability to interact with another person, be that client or colleague, or a team of people.

Communication Skills for Accountants

If you are considering how you can improve your communication skills as an accounting professional you have landed in the right place.  Our emphasis is that you can learn ways of ensuring your message is clear.  You can also magnify your message by being able to recognise how the other parties want to receive it.   You’ll be able to recognize what we call “language structure” and what responses are required to ensure you build great understanding and clarity between you and your colleagues and clients.

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Coaching for Accountants

“Coaching you to be a better version of yourself”.  Working with a professional coach can be a life changing experience.  You can use the coaching process to help with a new promotion, or to help prepare for one.  It can be used for under performing accounting staff.  Conversely, coaching can be used to create high performance teams.  Certainly if an employer invests in coaching for their accounting staff it demonstrates how much that staff member is valued.  Read more:
Executive Coaching - Accountants Who Lead

Coaching for Accountants

Presenting Skills for Accountants

Consider it an extension of communication skills.  How do you structure a talk / presentation so that it engages your audience? We can teach you presentation skills for accountants, be that to for 1-2-1 presentations or one to many.

Do you have a fear of presenting?  We have specific training for that: Fear of Public Speaking - Accountants Who Lead

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Please do use the contact us form so we can schedule a call to provide you the training or coaching for accountants that you need.  Just ask.


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